Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips is a London-based freelance journalist and content writer, specialising in music, race and feminism.

It’s clear which race the Italian Government wants to procreate

Italy: The place to go for delectable cuisine, breathtaking culture and that creeping sensation that you’re living in worst of the 1950s. From Berlusconi’s many, many gaffs to the abuse … Continue reading

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Singer / Songwriter panel at Bridging the Gap

It was great to speak on the singer / songwriter panel at Gal Dem‘s event Bridging the Gap: Women in Music at Rich Mix. I shared a panel with Fran … Continue reading

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Are all-male bands who use female names alienating women in music?

With the likes of Single Mothers, Black Girls and Asian Babes using gendered terms to mask their masculinity, Stephanie Phillips investigates the effect it is having on women in music. … Continue reading

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Azealia Banks’s rage is understandable, but not when she’s using the rhetoric of white racists

Shade is a hell of a drug. Once you take it you just can’t get enough. The line between hilarity and pain is so fine it’s barely visible, but it’s … Continue reading

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Crooked Grrrls

Originally published in One Beat Zine’s Identity Issue, November 2015 I always knew that I was different. Well, not that I was different but that I was treated differently to … Continue reading

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Article in Intersectional Politics For Punx Zine

You can order the first issue of Intersection Politics for Punx zine which features my article. The first issue focuses on race and racism in the UK DIY punk scene. … Continue reading

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How Casting A Black Hermione Challenges Storytelling

Waking up on Monday to a feed full of tweets about a black Hermione Granger, my first thoughts were that maybe some Potter fan boys and girls had taken over … Continue reading

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New position at YouthNet

I am happy to announce that I am the new Editor of, YouthNet’s help and advice website for 16-25 year old. I am responsible for updating the website, writing … Continue reading

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Essay in One Beat Zine’s Identity Issue

I don’t always get paid for my work, so if you’ve liked my pieces and want me to write more you can donate a couple pennies to keep me going in … Continue reading

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Review | Dark & Lovely at Ovalhouse Theatre

“Hair is just hair.” Leeds-based artist Selina Thompson opened the London leg of her new interactive performance piece Dark & Lovely with this stark revelation. Dark & Lovely examines what … Continue reading

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BBC Local Radio Interview

I was interviewed on several BBC local radio stations on Sunday 27 September to discuss Viola Davis’ Emmy win, lack of roles for black women in TV and my Media … Continue reading

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If Cookie Ruled the World

Imagine if Cookie Lyon actually ran the music industry. Just imagine. Everything would be at least 50% more fabulous, leopard print fedoras would become the standard industry uniform and there … Continue reading

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