Photograph: Maryann Morris

Who am I?
My name is Stephanie Phillips and I am a Midlands-born arts & culture journalist and freelance copywriter based in London.

I am the author of Why Solange Matters, a non-fiction book analysing the creative journey of Solange Knowles, out on University of Texas Press in the US and on Faber in the UK.

What do I do?

With over a decade’s experience, my work has been featured in The Independent, Guardian, Time Out, The Wire, The Quietus, She Shreds, VICE, Bandcamp, NME, Kinfolk, Crack Magazine, and more.

I have hosted podcast episodes including BBC World Service’s Music Life podcast, and have experience hosting panels, leading workshops, and taking part in talks on the music industry. I was also the guest editor for a week in October 2020 at M Magazine and commissioned a range of stories focusing on Black History Month and the music industry.

I play in the Black feminist punk band Big Joanie, who have supported artists such as Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and The Gossip, and I also have a solo project, Stef Fi.

I am also part of the collective behind Decolonise Fest, a London-based festival celebrating people of colour in the punk scene.

Where you can find me?

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You can view my full portfolio at Contently.

Contact: stephphillips345@gmail.com