Photograph: Maryann Morris

Who am I?
My name is Stephanie Phillips and I am a Midlands-based arts & culture journalist and freelance copywriter.

I am the author of Why Solange Matters, a non-fiction book analysing the creative journey of Solange Knowles, out on University of Texas Press in the US and on Faber in the UK. Why Solange Matters was listed as one of Rough Trade’s books of the year 2021.

Winner of Music Journalist of the Year 2021 at the International Music Journalism Awards.

What do I do?

With over a decade’s experience, my work has been featured in The Independent, Guardian, Time Out, The Wire, The Quietus, She Shreds, VICE, Bandcamp, NME, Kinfolk, Crack Magazine, and more.

I have hosted podcast episodes including BBC World Service’s Music Life podcast, and have experience hosting panels, leading workshops, and taking part in talks on the music industry. I was also the guest editor for a week in October 2020 at M Magazine and commissioned a range of stories focusing on Black History Month and the music industry.

I play in the Black feminist punk band Big Joanie, who have supported artists such as Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and The Gossip, and I also have a solo project, Stef Fi.

I am also part of the collective behind Decolonise Fest, a London-based annual festival celebrating people of colour in the punk scene.

Where you can find me?

For queries about freelance commissions and speaking engagements: stephphillips345@gmail.com

Literary agent: Zoe Ross at United Agents: zross@unitedagents.co.uk

You can view my full portfolio at Contently.

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