Other Services

Content creation

I take on copywriting work for brands and can create content for the trade sector. I curate and write the copy for Eventbrite’s Black History Every Month event collection. My work in this area is focused on the packaging and food industry, and has been featured in outlets such as Inside Drinks, Inside Food, ECigIntelligence, and Lombard. I have created blog content for All About Schools, which is aimed at a young audience. I also have experience writing newsletters and blog content for food and drink companies.

Music bios

Often in the list of pressing things artists focus on, creating a decent press kit is not high on the list. Even if you have yet to release anything, a concise, well written biography can be incredibly helpful when promoting yourself. A music bio should grab the attention of a journalist, while allowing an artist to tell their own story. As a music journalist and artist with experience of both sides of the industry I know how to balance an artist’s direction with the hard facts journalists need to write a story. As a copywriter, I can help artists, musicians, and bands:

  • Write a compelling music bio focused around the band’s history, or an album release
  • Create shorter bio copy for social media channels or Spotify bios
  • Create press releases for upcoming album cycles or new releases


My work has been featured in two anthologies. I wrote an essay on Phil Spector’s mistreatment of women for Under My Thumb: Songs that Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them, edited by Rhian E. Jones and Eli Davies. I also contributed several essays to Women Who Rock: An Illustrated History, edited by Evelyn McDonnell. 

Host  & public speaking

I was the host of a BBC World Music episode speaking to musicians about dismantling expectations. I also hosted one episode of Unsung, a podcast by Crack Magazine on Sonos Radio speaking to musician Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands. I have experience of giving public talks on the subjects of race and gender in the music industry. I was part of a panel on being a singer/songwriter at gal-dem’s event Bridging the Gap. I was on a Women Make Noise panel discussing the exclusion of black women in the music industry. I also have experience in creating workshops and have appeared as an interviewee on BBC local radio. I also chaired a panel at Decolonise Fest 2018 on punks of colour who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s and chaired a panel on the legacy of Poly Styrene at 198 Gallery in June 2019. If you are interested in booking me for future events please get in touch. 

Event organiser & curator

I am part of the organising collective behind the London-based music festival Decolonise Fest, which celebrates the work of people of colour in the punk scene. I have a vast amount of experience organising community events, festivals, workshops and talks.

Diversity and inclusion consultation

I took on a diversity editing project for Campaign Against The Arms Trade. My work involved checking through a selection of copy, analysing content, and ensuring the organisation was accurately representing the communities it covered.

Andrew Smith, Head of Media at Campaign Against The Arms Trade, said:

Stephanie did a very good piece of auditing work for CAAT. Stephanie assessed the language and imagery of our written output in terms of how compatible it is with best practice for equality and diversity.

The report she prepared was very clear, thorough and forensic. The recommendations were very constructive and included clear examples. It informed the processes we will use going forward when writing, editing and publishing work.

I am very happy to recommend Stephanie’s work to any organisations that are looking to improve their written output and change how they work.