Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips is a London-based freelance journalist and editor specialising in music, race and feminism.

How Casting A Black Hermione Challenges Storytelling

Waking up on Monday to a feed full of tweets about a black Hermione Granger, my first thoughts were that maybe some Potter fan boys and girls had taken over … Continue reading

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New position at YouthNet

I am happy to announce that I am the new Editor of, YouthNet’s help and advice website for 16-25 year old. I am responsible for updating the website, writing … Continue reading

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Essay in One Beat Zine’s Identity Issue

You can pre order the Identity issue of One Beat Zine which features an essay I wrote on finding black female identity in a world that distorts who we really are. … Continue reading

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Review | Dark & Lovely at Ovalhouse Theatre

“Hair is just hair.” Leeds-based artist Selina Thompson opened the London leg of her new interactive performance piece Dark & Lovely with this stark revelation. Dark & Lovely examines what … Continue reading

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BBC Local Radio Interview

   I was interviewed on several BBC local radio stations on Sunday 27 September to discuss Viola Davis’ Emmy win, lack of roles for black women in TV and my … Continue reading

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If Cookie Ruled the World

Imagine if Cookie Lyon actually ran the music industry. Just imagine. Everything would be at least 50% more fabulous, leopard print fedoras would become the standard industry uniform and there … Continue reading

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Interview | More Than “Just” a Singer

The human voice has always been an enthralling and powerful instrument to me. The sound that escapes through parted lips can tell the deepest truths in a world where honesty … Continue reading

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Review | Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter (Fortuna Pop!)

Despite what many a cantankerous punk will tell you it really doesn’t take too much to start a DIY band. It’s easy enough to find like minded, rough and ready … Continue reading

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The State of the British Media Panel Discussion

I recently spoke on a panel put together by Consented TV about the state of the British media. The panel featured Peter Yeung, Josh Kitto, Sunny Singh, Sirena Bergman and Maurice Mcleod. … Continue reading

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How to Create a Magazine for the People: An Interview With Hanna Hanra

Whenever I walk into a newsagent’s in search for a music magazine that appeals to my wide ranging tastes, the wall of white male rock faces always leaves an overwhelming … Continue reading

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How Do Women of Colour Find a Place in the Punk Scene

  This article has been adapted from a talk given at the event, Off the Shelf in Sheffield, October 2014 I am lucky and I know that. I am lucky … Continue reading

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The Black Renaissance is Here

It happens every year; the same time every year. We know it so well; the lead up, the commotion and the eventual indifference. Awards season is upon us and with … Continue reading

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