Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips is a London-based freelance journalist and editor specialising in music, race and feminism.

Essay in One Beat Zine’s Identity Issue

You can pre order the Identity issue of One Beat Zine which features an essay I wrote on finding black female identity in a world that distorts who we really are. … Continue reading

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Review | Dark & Lovely at Ovalhouse Theatre

“Hair is just hair.” Leeds-based artist Selina Thompson opened the London leg of her new interactive performance piece Dark & Lovely with this stark revelation. Dark & Lovely examines what … Continue reading

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BBC Local Radio Interview

   I was interviewed on several BBC local radio stations on Sunday 27 September to discuss Viola Davis’ Emmy win, lack of roles for black women in TV and my … Continue reading

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If Cookie Ruled the World

Imagine if Cookie Lyon actually ran the music industry. Just imagine. Everything would be at least 50% more fabulous, leopard print fedoras would become the standard industry uniform and there … Continue reading

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Interview | More Than “Just” a Singer

The human voice has always been an enthralling and powerful instrument to me. The sound that escapes through parted lips can tell the deepest truths in a world where honesty … Continue reading

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Review | Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter (Fortuna Pop!)

Despite what many a cantankerous punk will tell you it really doesn’t take too much to start a DIY band. It’s easy enough to find like minded, rough and ready … Continue reading

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The State of the British Media Panel Discussion

I recently spoke on a panel put together by Consented TV about the state of the British media. The panel featured Peter Yeung, Josh Kitto, Sunny Singh, Sirena Bergman and Maurice Mcleod. … Continue reading

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How to Create a Magazine for the People: An Interview With Hanna Hanra

Whenever I walk into a newsagent’s in search for a music magazine that appeals to my wide ranging tastes, the wall of white male rock faces always leaves an overwhelming … Continue reading

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How Do Women of Colour Find a Place in the Punk Scene

  This article has been adapted from a talk given at the event, Off the Shelf in Sheffield, October 2014 I am lucky and I know that. I am lucky … Continue reading

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The Black Renaissance is Here

It happens every year; the same time every year. We know it so well; the lead up, the commotion and the eventual indifference. Awards season is upon us and with … Continue reading

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Audio of Women Make Noise Discussion

I took part in a panel discussion called Women Make Noise as part of the Off the Shelf festival in Sheffield. The discussion focused on women’s experiences of music culture … Continue reading

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Disrespectful dancing: clinging to the edge of the mosh pit

Sway to the right, sway to the left. Uniform in motion and occasionally in style, the gentle dance that occurs in the pit can be a mesmerising experience, that is … Continue reading

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