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Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson? Clearly it matters if you’re black or white


When I first heard Joseph Fiennes, aka the nice looking lad from Shakespeare in Love, was going to be playing Michael Jackson, aka the most iconic black singer of all time, in Sky Arts new comedy anthology series Urban Myths, I knew there was absolutely no way this was going to work out well.

I didn’t know what the premise was going to be, the context or the story but I resigned myself to the reality that, this probably wasn’t going to be the onscreen depiction that Michael deserves.

My reaction aligned with numerous others when Fiennes’ casting as MJ was announced during the #oscarssowhite debate. Terrible timing but the Urban Myths team carried on.

The first trailer for Urban Myths was released this week and sadly we got to see how right we were about Fiennes. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a cartoon-like depiction that could give you nightmares. It’s safe to say that Twitter reacted in the way that Twitter always does when something controversial happens; everyone had a laugh.

Read the full article at IBTimes.

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