Time to get packing, plastic

Mumbai Too Cool for plastic pack shot.jpg
Image courtesy of Iceland

The goal to ban avoidable plastic waste by 2042 has struck a chord, with retailers and manufacturers looking to innovations in food packaging to drive the industry towards a better future.

As the focus on environmental issues intensifies, there have been renewed calls for solutions to tackle an impending crisis. Statistics compiled by the Co-op from the Recoup UK Household Plastics Collection Survey show that only one third of plastic packaging in consumer products is recycled every year in the UK. Campaigners at Greenpeace have called for action because an estimated 12.7m tonnes of plastic enter the oceans a year, disrupting our fragile ecosystem.

In January 2018, prime minister Theresa May announced a plan to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042. Measures laid out in her speech included new funding for plastic innovation and the endorsement of plastic-free supermarket aisles with loose products on offer.

Read the full article at Lombard Content.


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