Euronoize DIY music conference

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I’m happy to announce I’ll be giving a presentation at Euronoize conference at University of Reading on 21st September 2018.

Titled ‘Decolonising punk: What it means to redefine punk within racial identity’, the presentation will look at the origins of Decolonise Fest, a festival created by and for punks of colour, and what punk means to people of colour.

In 2016, after mulling over the idea for years Phillips’ posted on her personal social media page, asking if anyone wanted to see a festival for punks of colour to exist. The response Phillips’ received was immediate and it was overwhelming. With a few more punks on board she created Decolonise Fest, the first music UK festival created by and for people of colour. This talk will discuss Decolonise Fest and the history of people of colour in punk, ending with a Q&A. It will cover the following key areas: Why Phillips started Decolonise Fest; How and why punk history has become whitewashed; How to bring the history of punks of colour to centre stage and the impact it could have; Why Phillips wanted to make space for people of colour in the punk scene; Feedback the group received from other punks; Why in today’s political landscape punk is made for people of colour and; Does the future of punk lie with people of colour?

For more information about the other speakers, conference and ticketing visit

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